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Could use some sounds and better grammar. Not a bad idea though.

HiddenTheStickman responds:

Thx and I didn’t add sound to make it an beginning of an story that is going to be read by others to understand and the grammar I’m not good with it that much, what I’m saying is that I have Epilepsy

The animation is good. It's just that it feels a bit confusing and repetitive because in the beginning the environment changes many times very suddenly and the animations repeat a lot. For example Pico could've walked into the alley instead of turning his head around all the time to make it less repetitive and more interesting. I do like the Gigi D'Agostino reference though and that this loops in an interesting way.

cmy2k responds:

thanks for the feedback , the repitition kinda happens because i have no idea what else i could have put there as i storyboarded it on a whim so i guess its kinda an animation meme-ish style video now lol.

It's so catchy and smooth :O

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This made me change my mind about Scratch a little bit. It's capable of better things than I thought. I get stuck at the store though because clicking the games does nothing.

PirateFoxyMLG2 responds:

I am so sorry I for got to give instructions, anyways press q I think.

Yeah it's kind of hard to play a game written is AS3 with the Ruffle flash emulator.

KiffoliskMusic responds:

use newgrounds player. as far as i know you can only play it on actual adobe flash and newgrounds player.

It works but it's boring. Add something else like a story maybe to make it more interesting.

FarawayDrip30 responds:

I'll keep it in mind if I ever revisit this.

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Bad sounds but at least you got the melody right.

Nice to hear something calm for once too :)

It's ok but the lyrics get very repetetive.

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Many detailed details.

Impressive detail.

Cool to see a painting-style art here.

Sulaimandoodle responds:

Ty! I think it's the watercolour painting I do rubbing off on my style a tad.

If I have good times I will be sad thinking about them in the future. If I don't have good times my life may be filled with regrets. Maybe time to update this?


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