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If I have good times I will be sad thinking about them in the future. If I don't have good times my life may be filled with regrets. Maybe time to update this?


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Posted by Positron832 - 11 days ago


What do you think? I really like using a linear- and a radial gradient together with background blend mode set to screen becoz it's c001.



Posted by Positron832 - 1 month ago

Turns out RobTop has posted on the Swedish forum Flashback about Geometry Dash under the name Zhenmuron. https://www.flashback.org/t2198675

In 2019 he posted that 2.2 will come out soon. With that post he provided two links to images: https://imgur.com/1f10hgp https://imgur.com/r4d7nVc

I don't know if these are well known sneak peeks but here you have them.



Posted by Positron832 - April 22nd, 2021

So today I log into my account and see that I'm now a town watch. Later today I log in and see that I have a bronze whistle too. I won't complain :-)

I'm writing this for future reference maybe so here's a precise date: 22nd Apr 2021.


Posted by Positron832 - April 7th, 2021

Last year I made a game.. I spent quite some time on it and it takes less than a minute to complete it. I have now decided to do a part 2 :D

I have learned how to create elements with JS too :DD

So it's in pre-alpha now. It's not playable and has no content at all :DDD

It will probably take a very long time if I will keep taking so long breaks from developing it.

So play it if you want to. Feedback is very very helpful :DDDD

Here is the link.

The password is one divided by (five times nine) (the parentheses indicate that the numbers in between them are in parentheses).



Posted by Positron832 - March 29th, 2021

Common things I see in the art portal:

  1. girls with little clothing
  2. girls with tight clothes
  3. girls with both and big..u know what...

I mean just go to the art portal and look at the latest section and turn off the M and A rating. I don't understand the obsession with hot female characters. It gets even worse when you look at the popular section. Almost all characters have an anime-ish style too.



Posted by Positron832 - March 21st, 2021

Add a "brostep" genre. I know it's a subgenre of dubstep but the difference has become so large between the two. Change "chipstep" to "chiptune" because more people recognize the word chiptune. I'm not so sure about this one though but maybe add a "hardstyle" genre for more agressive electric music.

I think this would mostly fix the brostep in dubstep category issue but still a step in the right direction.



Posted by Positron832 - January 12th, 2021

Good times..

1. Bloxorz

2. Fancy Pants

3. Liquid measure

4. Cover orange (I think)

5. Snail Bob

6. Rubble Trouble

7. Raft wars

8. Thin ice

9. Electric man

10 . Some games in another language

11. Some games in another language

12. I remember this game where you are pirates on a ship, and a pirate is in a barrel. You held your mouse to charge the barrel, if you held it for too long the barrel exploded. If you released just in time the pirate would fly up

13. Balistix pro (or Blosics 2 as I've seen on YT)

14. Stealing the diamond

I will keep updating this list, now I gotta sleep, again again!



Posted by Positron832 - June 22nd, 2020

Every now and then I remember a dream, once there was a bright black hole in the sky and another time a half-desert world from isometric view with a robot similar to Wall-E. Another time I was lost in my town running and walking around meeting people I haven't talked to for a long time. Weird things can happen in dreams.. they can be like an adventure, starting with, let's say going somewhere with your friends in a taxi, and then the taxi turns into a bus that flies over a big boat in the middle of the road, landing in water, ending with you picking up flowers in Russia. I don't know how to describe it, but dreams can be magical I suppose..